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Marine / Bimini Top Zippers


    #10 Molded Plastic Extra-Long Heavy Duty Separating Zipper

    Available in Black, White only.

    Length: Up to 360 inches

    From $14.59


    #10 Molded Plastic Heavy Duty Separating (Jacket) Zipper

    Many Colors Available

    +14 Options

    Length: Up to 36 inches

    From $4.49 $6.19


    #10 Molded Plastic Two-Way Extra-Long Heavy Duty Separating (Tent / Sleeping Bag) Zipper

    Available in Black, White only.

    Length: Up to 192 inches

    From $21.99 $25.01

    Water Resistant #7 Coil Separating Zipper

    Available in Black only.

    Length: Up to 36 inches

    From $10.95

    #10 Water Repellant & UV Ray Resistant Outdoor Zipper

    Available in Black only.

    Length: Up to 108 inches

    From $75.59

    25 50

    Bimini top zippers and zippers for other marine applications are usually heavy duty and have molded plastic zipper teeth. These features help them withstand the wear and tear of the elements when out on the water. Repair and replacement of zippers for canvas boat tops is key to keeping the bimini top in good working order. Often a bimini top will have several zippers of varying lengths.

    Here?s some ?shady? advice: if you are ordering multiple heavy duty zippers for your boat, and some are longer than 36 inches and some are shorter than 36 inches, please note that you will need to order from two different product pages. One product page is for zippers 36 inches and under, while a separate product page will allow you to order heavy duty molded plastic zippers that are longer. Also keep in mind that any zipper can be shortened to a custom length for you. For lengths of 72? and longer, you will have a choice of zipper pull. Most often, bimini top zippers sport the 1-handle autolock slider.

    We offer heavy duty bimini top zippers in both black and white. They are strong to withstand difficult conditions and are the replacement zipper of choice for zipper repair professionals across the country. Replace your bimini top zippers and marine zippers, and it will be ?smooth sailing? from here on out!