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#4.5 Zippers


    #4.5 Brass Closed-End (Jean) Zipper

    Many Colors Available

    +1 Options

    Length: Up to 9 inches

    From $1.14 - $1.28

    #4.5 Nickel Pants Zipper

    Available in White only.

    Length: Up to 9 inches

    From $6.03

    12 25 50

    Veterans of zipper repairs have probably seen their fair share of #5 metal zippers, particularly on men’s pants. They may have also encountered #4 zippers, perhaps on pouches or handbags. #4.5 zippers fall in between size #4 and size #5. Since the #5 size is a medium-weight zipper for jackets and jeans, the #4.5 size can be thought of as somewhat light weight size. #4.5 zippers can be found on women’s pants and other applications that require a lighter-weight zipper.