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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Whether you are a zipper newbie or just need a refresher, here are some answers to common questions:

1. I need to replace a retainer box and insertion pin at the end of a separating zipper. Where do I order those parts?

We wish we could have a different answer for this conundrum, but unfortunately, if the retainer box and/or insertion pin at the end of a zipper are lost or damaged, the zipper will need a complete replacement. The box and pin are manufactured onto the zipper in the factory and cannot be replaced by hand.

2. How do I measure the length of a zipper? Do I measure to the end of the zipper teeth or to the end of the fabric?

The length of a zipper refers to the measurement from the bottom stop (or retainer box) to the top stop of the zipper. Do not include the measurement of the fabric at the end.

3. To get discounted quantity pricing for 10, 50, or 100 pieces, do all of my items need to be the same length and color?

Yes. To qualify for quantity pricing, all zippers must be of the same length and color. In other words, they must be identical to one another. That being said, in many cases, you can receive quantity discounting on as few as 10 zippers, so you can mix and match a variety of colors and lengths at a discount by purchasing in multiples of 10.

Sometimes the product page (the page where the photo is shown in a large size) does not automatically calculate your discounted price. To check the actual discounted pricing you will receive, simply view your cart. The My Cart link at the top right of all pages will always lead you to a page where you can view pricing prior to entering your payment information.

4. Can you supply custom zippers?

Absolutely. We make ordering custom zippers easy as pie! If you are interested in ordering something we do not carry in our stock, we can most likely supply it. We offer over 600 colors and a wide variety of styles and configurations.

Click the link to request a quote for a custom order of 100 zippers or more.

5. I don’t know the gauge of zipper that I need. What would you recommend?

Here are some common gauges for common zipper uses:

#2 & #3 (light weight) – Zippers for dresses, skirts, slacks, pillows, purses and handbags
#5 (medium weight) – Zippers for jackets, jeans, robes

#10 (heavy weight) – Zippers for chaps, motorcycle jackets, construction clothing, tents, awnings

Keep in mind this is simply a list of popular gauges and uses. Occasionally, you might want to go with a lighter weight or a heavier weight zipper depending on your preferences.

6. #3, #5, #10 – all this zipper speak is making my head spin! What is the difference between a #3 gauge, #5 gauge, and a #10 gauge?

The number of the gauge refers to the width of the zipper teeth, in millimeters, when the zipper is zipped.

#3 = approximately 3mm
#5 = approximately 5mm
#7= approximately 7mm
#8 = approximately 8mm
#10 = approximately 10mm

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a #5, #8, and #10 zipper for reference:


7. How does Zipper Shipper shorten zippers when I have them custom shortened?

Metal and plastic zippers: We remove the teeth just above and below where your zipper will end, install new top stops, and cut off the excess material, leaving 1-2" of bare material at the top for sewing.

Nylon coil and invisible zippers: We install new top stops, and cut off the excess material, leaving about 1-2" of material with nylon coil zipper teeth above the stops for sewing.

8. What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy for details on how to return merchandise.

9. What will the shipping charge be for my order?

Shipping varies based on your order subtotal, country, and service selected.

You can estimate the shipping from the My Cart page. Go to the My Cart page by clicking the My Cart link in the top right of any page.

10. I placed my order already, but I need to change it or cancel it. Can I change it/cancel it?

Please email us as soon as possible at We will do our best to make the change for you, however we cannot guarantee that requests for order changes or cancellations will be granted after your order has been submitted. Please check your order details carefully prior to placing your order.

11. If I shorten a zipper and have leftover zipper chain, can I make a new separating zipper from the leftover chain?

Unfortunately, separating zippers require a pin and box at the bottom, and those parts cannot be applied by hand. So the leftover zipper chain resulting from shortening a zipper cannot be made into its own separating zipper.

12. Do you ship to PO Boxes?


13. How long will it take to receive my order?

If first class shipping is selected: 3-7 business days is a good general guideline. We typically ship within 1-3 business days via US Postal Service. It can typically take anywhere from another 2-4 business days for delivery, depending on the mail service in your area.*

If USPS Priority shipping is selected: Your order will take approximately 2-3 business days to reach you. If the order is received before 3pm EST, we will ship the same day via priority mail. Otherwise, we will ship the next day via priority mail.*

If Fedex Overnight is selected: Your order will reach you tomorrow, provided you submit it before 3pm EST. Please keep in mind that for overnight orders, the USPS Priority Express service is the most economical, and is delivered the next day the vast majority of the time. It is not, however, a guaranteed service from the USPS.

*These time frames are for domestic shipments within the USA only. For international shipments, we will still ship the items within the time frames specified above, but they can take longer to be delivered. Please see the USPS website for estimated delivery times for international shipments.

14. How do I set up a wholesale account?

The way ordering works for wholesale customers is pretty simple - as a wholesale customer, you can order via our website in the usual way. You don't need a separate account. Prices are published on the website, and as a wholesale customer, you will receive discounts automatically by ordering bulk quantities - typically ordering 10+, 50+ or 100+ of an item qualifies for additional discounts. If you do not see discounting for a particular item, or if the discounting stops at 10 pieces online, please let us know and we can usually set up an additional discount for an order over $1,000.

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