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Antique Nickel Metal Zippers


    #5 Antique Nickel Separating (Jacket) Zipper

    Available in Black only.

    Length: Up to 36 inches

    From $7.47 - $7.91

    12 25 50

    What Are Antique Nickel Metal Zippers?

    Antique nickel metal zippers are similar to nickel-toothed zippers, however, unlike regular nickel zippers, the teeth are not shiny silver in color. Rather, the metal has undergone an “antiquing” process which creates a dull, burnished finish. Nickel zippers are extremely strong for their size.

    What Sizes Are Offered?

    Currently antique nickel zippers are offered in a #5 gauge only.

    Where Are Antique Nickel Metal Zippers Used?

    Antique nickel zippers can be found anywhere strong, medium-weight zippers are needed, including in leather jackets, aviator jackets, and motorcycle jackets.