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Zipper Replacement For Raincoat Lining

Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Zipper Replacement For Raincoat Lining

We continue with zipper Q&A’s on our blog. Here’s another great customer question about replacing a lining zipper – read on!

Question About Rain Jacket’s Lining Zipper:

I am looking to replace the aluminum zipper for the lining of my raincoat. The zipper measures 78 inches long and opens or comes apart so you can remove the liner from the raincoat. The zipper is black. Please advise if you have a replacement zipper to send to Florida. Thank you.


Rain jackets are certainly important in Florida; it can be sunny one minute and pouring rain the next! We’d be delighted to help you replace the zipper in your jacket lining. One caveat though: lining zippers can be a bit tricky because they are usually lightweight, separating, and also very long. There aren’t a lot of other applications for separating zippers (zippers that separate at the bottom) that are super-lightweight and also quite long.

The gauge of the rain jacket zipper isn’t specified in the question, but we assume that since it is going into the lining of a jacket, lighter is better. So ideally you will likely use a #3 lightweight zipper.

Fortunately, we carry an 80 inch #3 aluminum lining zipper for exactly this application:

Also, you asked about shipping. We offer several different options for shipping, depending on how quickly you desire delivery. Some expedited options include next-day delivery, but with regular shipping, it will generally take about 4-7 business days to be delivered after the order is placed. Prices and delivery time frames can all be found on our shipping page.

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