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Zipper Pulls And Sliders


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    Zipper Pulls: What They Are And Why They Matter


    Zipper pulls and sliders go by many names. They are also known as zipper sliders, zipper pull tabs, zipper heads, zip pulls, and zip pullers. We use these names interchangeably. Whatever you call them, they are incredibly useful, and we often don’t realize their importance until they break!

    These little zipper parts play a big role in proper zipper function. The zipper pull is the piece that runs up and down the tracks, zipping and unzipping the zipper.

    Zipper teeth are fed through the slider’s body. When you pull the slider down, the zipper is in the open position, when you pull the slider up, it closes the zipper.

    When To Use Replacement Zipper Sliders

    When your zipper parts break, it can be a real drag. Unfortunately, this kind of problem happens a lot. However, replacement zipper sliders and zipper pulls can save a coat or jacket zipper, upholstery zipper, or a favorite bag or backpack that is otherwise perfectly good, adding years of life to your favorite garments and gear. Zipper pulls and sliders are great items for sewing professionals to keep on hand for when zipper repair jobs are needed.

    We offer replacement zipper pulls for almost every type of zipper. When a zipper pull breaks but the rest of your garment, bag, or tent is otherwise in-tact, find a replacement zipper pull and extend its life. To replace the zipper pull, you’ll need to identify the size/gauge of the zipper, and the type of zipper teeth.

    Zipper Pull Compatibility

    Zipper pulls and zipper sliders are designed to work with specific types of zippers. There are many types of zipper sliders out there, and it is important to identify the gauge and type of zipper teeth you will be working with.

    For example, if you have a #5 brass zipper, you will need a zipper slider that is described as a #5 gauge and designed for metal zippers. If you have a #10 molded plastic zipper, the replacement zipper slider will need to be gauge #10 and designed for molded plastic teeth. Unsure which zipper puller is right for your zipper pull replacement project? Find the perfect slider by using the Zipper Slider Replacement Guide.

    Zipper Pull Sizes

    Some common sizes of zipper pulls that we stock are:

    #3 – teeth measure 3 millimeters wide when zipped
    #5 – teeth measure 5 mm wide when zipped
    #7 – teeth measure 7 mm wide when zipped
    #8 – teeth measure 8 mm wide when zipped
    #10 – teeth measure 10 mm wide when zipped

    When Replacing Zipper Pulls, The Type Of Zipper Teeth Must Be Considered

    As mentioned previously, it’s important for the zipper puller to be designed for the type of zipper teeth on your zipper. We carry zipper pulls designed for the following types of zipper teeth:

    Molded plastic
    Nylon coil
    Metal (brass, antique brass, aluminum, nickel)

    Pay close attention to the type of zipper teeth. Even if a pull is the correct size, it must be designed for the zipper teeth material as well. For example, a #5 zipper pull that is intended for molded plastic cannot be used on a #5 brass metal zipper.

    How To Replace a Zipper Slider

    For the zipper pull replacement, you will need a set of pliers and you will also likely need a new set of top stops to do the zipper repair. First, remove the original top stops, and the old slider. Next, attach the new zipper head, unzip at least a few inches, and clamp new top stops back on. Zipper pull replacement is part art and part science, but once you have some experience under your belt, it becomes much easier.

    Reading a little about zip pulls and zip pullers in the Zipper Slider Replacement Guide is a great investment of time if you anticipate making a lot of zipper part replacements. Once you understand the basic features that need to be identified when replacing zip pulls, you will be armed with useful knowledge for any other repairs that might be needed now or in the future.

    When your zipper pull has broken or malfunctioned, a replacement zipper pull will make a huge difference!

    Other Applications for Zipper Pulls and Sliders

    Zipper sliders don’t always need to be replacements on existing zippers. Rather, individual zipper pulls can also be used with new, compatible zipper chain to create your own custom length closed-ended zippers. Once you learn how to attach the slider, you will have the ability to make zippers of any length you’d like. The ability to make your own zippers from continuous zipper chain and compatible sliders is especially useful for creating long zippers, since long lengths are less common to find “off the shelf.”

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