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Zipper Repair Kits And Individual Zipper Parts For Zipper Slider Replacement

Posted Sunday, September 06, 2020

Zipper Repair Kits And Individual Zipper Parts For Zipper Slider Replacement

Broken zipper? That’s a bummer, but with some help from a zipper repair kit it, doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to a beloved coat or sleeping bag.

As we have talked about before, some zippers that need repair need an entirely new zipper, while some just need their sliders replaced. If you have a situation where the slider needs to be replaced, then a zipper repair kit is your friend.

Kit or Individual Parts?

Say you need a new slider and stops, but don’t know exactly which ones. One possible solution is to go with a zipper repair kit. This will provide you with several common sliders and also some zipper stops. Often zipper repair kits are for a particular type of zipper use, for example clothing zippers or outdoor/marine zippers. This is likely the easiest solution - no muss, no fuss!

If you do know which type of zipper slider you need (psst: one way to find out is by checking out our Guide to Replacing Zipper Sliders), then you can order it individually and also order zipper top stops and bottom stops in small quantities. If it is your first time and you’re not sure which slider to order, but have narrowed it down to a few options, you may want to order a couple of similar sliders and improve the chances of finding one that works, for instance both a #7 slider for nylon coil zippers and a #8 slider for nylon coil zippers. These are very similar, but the #8 slider is designed for zippers that are 1 mm wider than the #7.

Don’t Forget the Stops

To replace a zipper slider, you need to remove the zipper top stops. Once the top stops are removed, you can take out the original slider and attach the new slider. After the new slider is attached, top stops need to be put back on. It is difficult to re-use top stops once they have been taken off the zipper, so you’ll probably want to work with new stops.

Zipper top stops can be ordered by the pair or in packages of 100. The packs of 100 are the most economical if you plan to repair more than about 7 zippers.

Our zipper repair kits, zipper sliders, and zipper stops can be found here:

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